Domino's Pizza Case Analysis Essay

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I. Time Context
Year 2008

II. View Point
The persons involved are those who are in-charge in marketing and research which includes the chief innovation and creativity officer.

III. Central Problem
Limited store operation of the Domino’s Pizza

IV. Objectives:
* To have necessary changes in the business that would be beneficial to the company and essential for its growth. * To maintain loyal customers and gains more. * To increase sales.
* To have all the changes are done and used as an edge against competitors. * To become the leading pizza chain in the industry.

V. Areas of Consideration
* Domino’s Pizza Inc. is an international company that operates in over 60
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Targeting profitable market segments.
ACA #3
Continued use of master franchise model to stabilize sales during despite economic instability by adapting to its local markets.
ACA #4
Push products, and not just the brand. Promote the product being sold as well.

Final Decision:
ACA #1
Engage into a dine-in operation and menu expansion.
* Increase sales. * Will attract and new market.
* Risky. * In terms of financial aspect, needs high financial assistance that will cover the: restaurant infrastructure, facilities and training.

VII. Recommendation
We recommend having a dine-in area and menu expansion doing so will bring substantial increase on sales of the company. Offering dine-in and additional variety of food offerings will attract new and potential buyer.

* Describe the master franchise model of Domino’s and state its advantage.
Master franchise model is a franchise model where in the franchisees were given an exclusive right to operate stores/ sub-franchise them in a particular area.

* What are some of the unique features of the master franchise model of Domino’s? * OPENING A FRANCHISE
Domino's provided two types of franchises - internal and external. Employees of Domino's who had worked at the stores as general manager for at least one year were eligible to become internal franchisees...

Domino's helped the franchisees in the US to select store sites

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