Don 't Want For A Life Essay example

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Don’t want to be one more
Many Americans now days look to further their education but often do it for the wrong reasons. Most do it to earn a little more cash, and others like me, do it to not be one more! One more high school graduate working at some minimum wage job getting nowhere in life like we had dreamed of. I didn’t want to be one more like my family was.
I come from a family of immigrants, most of which never even made it to high school. From a family who spend all their lives working at a minimum wage job, wasting away getting nowhere but having barely if not just enough to pay their bills. They spend their whole time complaining that they are tiered, have medical problems that they can’t afford to treat, or just have a hard time finding a job because they never had their opportunity to finish their education and get their dream job.
As a child I witnessed firsthand what the life of a cancer patient was like. I lived the daily schedule of one until just a week before my kindergarten year. That’s when they officially said she was cancer free. For the second time she had finally kicked cancers butt and survived. That’s when my grandmother said to me “If it was not for you coming into my life and seeing what I was living being only a small child who’s life I want to be a part of until I see you get married, then I would have not survived. You were by my side always watching over me being only a child, when I as your grandmother should be the one to watch over you,…

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