Dr. Stephen Covey Beliefs On The Proper Methods Leaders Essay

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This will be an examination of Dr. Stephen Covey beliefs on the proper methods leaders can use to influence others in all areas of their lives. This paper will be focusing on methods 26-30 and will contain possible pro and cons of use, in order to understand if these methods could be applied effectively by someone like myself and if it’s worth the investment of adopting it as my own method and this where the areas that I thought I would have the most difficulties in achieving.

Communicate with Logic and Emotion
Dr. Stephen Covey explained that we are all unique, therefore, we communicate and interpret information differently and if no two minds think exactly the same we need to express our ideas in a logical manner and with an open heart. He believed that through patience the transfer of love, faith, wisdom, and hope could be transferred to show your diligence towards someone else. He suggests that by letting other person have value in your eyes will require us to invest some of our self into the other person. He believed that when people trust each other without judgement or fear that honest and open communication can be achieved. His method was to listen and learn first before making a full assessment.
Sometimes we think we are right and we are not and we can only realize this when we have heard the other side. I sat in meetings with far too many managers who were suck on the wrong side of the fence with this will never work and they were assuming, time proves that they…

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