Dr. Wilson 's Theory Of Psychology Essay

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Dr. Wilson’s research on students who are drinking in college led him to his theory that people drink because they are rewarded by their peers. This is an example of the theoretical perspective of functionalism better defined as looking at human thought and behavior as why. Baird’s definition for functionalism is “a school of psychology focused on how organisms use their learning and perceptual abilities to function in their environment” (6). In Dr. Wilson’s case, he is looking at why college students drink. His theory is trying to explain why college students feel the need to drink. Functionalism is all about analyzing behavior as what do you get out of it, what is its purpose, and why you are doing it. Dr. Wilson is saying that students received gratification from peers for their alcohol use, the purpose is for acceptance from peers, and they are doing it to receive that gratification. William James, the man credited with creating the theoretical perspective of functionalism, would say that college students are using this gratification from peers in order to function in and adapt to their new environment The general perspective that Dr. Wilson might subscribe to is cognitive psychology. Cognitive psychology is defined as “a field of psychology focused on the workings of the human brain and seeking to understand how people process the information that they collect form their environment” (Baird 8). The reason I believe Dr. Wilson would side with cognitive psychology is…

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