Educators Face Many Hurdles Going Down The Technology Implementation Road

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Educators face many hurdles going down the technology implementation road. Caution signs pop up spontaneously, and concerned citizens make multiple reports that must be reviewed and analyzed. Some speed bumps are placed thoughtfully to calm the traffic, while other devices are in place to ramp up with speed of implementation. In order to implement technology resources in schools, the six critical issues that must be tackled in order to ensure students are gaining essential 21st century skills are creating growth mindsets, allocating time appropriately, building in professional development, skillfully funding the resources, ensuring the reliability of technology, and ultimately developing a system to maintain the progress that has been made. The mindsets people hold individually and collectively can make or break any system. When implanting new resources into a school, it is important that all parties are willing and motivated to explore new territory. Carol Dweck speaks to the power of growth over fixed mindsets. She argues that when people are unwilling to look for the positive and refuse to change the status quo, then progress will not be made. However with growth mindsets, a person can dramatically alter both ability and achievement in a positive direction. Therefore, it is imperative to foster an environment where colleagues and students maintain a growth mindset. One way to accomplish this is to create a shared vision. Dramatic results depend on planning.…

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