Essay on Effective Differentiation Is A Long Term Change Process

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As a leader in the field of differentiated instruction, Carol Tomlinson (1999) noted: "For all its promise . . . effective differentiation is complex to use and thus difficult to promote in schools. Moving toward differentiation is a long-term change process" (p. 6). Several years into this change, everyone has heard of differentiated instruction. As the current “best practice” in education, differentiated instruction is the partner of the “individualized approach,” that many schools mention in their mission statements. Parents know the definition of differentiated instruction, and understand that all children have different learning needs and abilities. Furthermore, parents understand instruction should meet those individual needs. Everyone agrees with the ideology, and the terminology, but not everyone is certain of what differentiated instruction looks like when used in a classroom. St. Timothy School teachers assess their students and design instruction to meet student needs. Assessment is ongoing and teaching strategies change, as student needs change. Pedagogically, teachers are proficient, and throughout the course of the year, teachers will use many different strategies to meet student needs. Visiting a first or second grade classroom, you will see students buzzing with activity. In one room, the teacher has brought the whole class together for a warm up activity and then XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. In another classroom, students are working in small groups.…

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