Essay on Effective Leadership And Effective Decision Making

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Analyzing Leadership Decisions
Effective leadership and effective decision-making can be viewed as synonymous phrases in an organizational workplace environment; nonetheless, not all leaders make effective decisions. Depending on the situation, sometimes organizational decisions are the result of a collaborative leadership approach. Collaborative leadership is a process where organizations approach decision-making and problem-solving as a team effort. The leadership collaboration process involves individuals working together to reach the same goal and no one person stands out or receives individual credit for the organizational success (Young, 2015).
Organizations have realized that in an ever-changing corporate world, a collaborative culture and the use of collective brainpower can enhance organizational success (Goman, 2015). Collaborative leaders facilitate interaction between team members and leaders’ functions are often a shared process (Miller & Miller, 2007). When discussing leadership and decision-making styles, a collaborating style results in a leader making a decision based on team members’ input and a teaming style results in a mutual decisions by all individuals involved (Musselwhite, 2009). Although a collaborative approach to leadership and decision-making can be effective, there have been instances when a team or group decision-making process has resulted in a poor overall organizational decision. This paper will briefly discuss the decision that was…

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