Effects Of Prescription Medication On Children Essay

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Overmedicated Children
Overmedication or overmedication means, medical and societal point of view, the fact that an individual or community take medication excessive or unnecessarily. According to the World Health Organization health assessment criteria, over-medication is linked with an incorrect use of medicines, which is manifested in the form of excessive consumption, insufficient or incorrect medications or prescription Free1 sale. The issue of over-medication is usually studied through the dispensation of medications such as antibiotics, antidepressants, anxiolytics, and psychotropic. The difference of opinion that Americas are having on over medicated children is a phenomenon that has existed for over two decades. The babies, children and even teenagers receive from prescriptions all day and it’s ' turns out that most of these drugs are very bad and deathly. However, some think it 's one of the adequate means to cure; the servers behavior conditions. This ideology is immoral and I am against any of Practical medication on our kids at any time the present or future. I will explain circumstances and the effects of over-medication in our children first, and then I would move my alternative solutions this problem.

Infant, children, and even the adolescents can be diagnosed at any time with a disorder bipolar, ADHD or any other disorder. Disorders are diagnosed by a psychiatrist, it is a doctor specializing in mental health, exercising psychiatry. He diagnoses, treats and…

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