Elements of Clinical Psychology Essay

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Examination of Clinical Psychology

Justin Yates

Elements of Clinical Psychology

August 19, 2014
Dawn Smith

Examination of Clinical Psychology Out of all the intriguing fields of psychology to study and examine, clinical psychology is perhaps one of the most interesting to elucidate. With its roots stemming back to the philosophy of the one and only Sigmund Freud, clinical psychology has progress to a modern psychology saturate with elements of research from philosophy, science, and other useful means of examinations. Scientific advances are continuing to make strides toward transforming clinical psychology into clinical interventions that help and treat human needs and different challenges. Although clinical
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The Greeks recognized and understood the inter-twinning mind and body and how they influence one another as it relates to illness (Plante, 2011). Some of the great Greek Philosophers such as Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Plato all looked at the spirit/soul as being the predominant factor in charge of the body and all the issues that the body may inhabit, places its residency in the soul and that could cause some type of physical illness (Plante, 2011). Many years before this, people believed that if a person has any type of aliment of some type of physical or mental hardship that it was a direct result of that person sinning or their parents sinning. In the Middle Age, people with any type of aliment was considered to have a breach in their character and this is what cause many of the insane and healing diseases (Plante, 2011). As things progressed, by the 19th Century Sigmund Freud and some of his other colleagues began to grasp an understanding of the concepts that surrounds the articulation of the mind and body connection to one another. Sigmund went on the theorize that the unconscious plays a hectic and critical role in the health and well being of humans (Plante, 2011). Due to Freud’s psychoanalytic thinking, he inspired many others to accommodate the more contemporary clinical psychological needs of others (Brown, 1940). Years prior to this, psychology was birthed when its first laboratory was created in Germany by the late

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