Ella Cara Deloria 's Waterlily Essay

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Ella Cara Deloria’s novel Waterlily tells a story of a fictitious Dakota girl named Waterlily, and the lives and customs of women in Dakota community. Deloria describes a detailed premises of the camp in which the Dakota life was based and the kinship defining the role of the women through the life experience of two generation women, Waterlily and her mother. The story follows the journey of Waterlily from birth (6) to her grandmother’s death (141) through her adulthood, to her marriage (160) and remarriage (220), during the time of happiness and sadness, until she finally found the true love.
The main character of this novel is Waterlily. She was named by her mother Blue Bird, as she was born near the waterlilies. Her mother thinks her child’s face was as beautiful as the waterlilies. She cries hard while saying "As beautiful as the waterlilies. You too are a waterlily, my waterlily" (6). Waterlily’s father, Star Elk, a lazy and abusive man, was neither a provider of the family, nor a good husband. Shortly after she was born, Star Elk publicly throws her mother out, claiming that she has been unfaithful. Since everyone knows his claim was untrue, he was so humiliated and decided to leave the camp circle, never to be seen again. During all this time, Blue Bird and her grandmother were survivors of an attack on her family. They relied on the passing camp circle, who eventually take them in. Luckily, Blue Bird’s long lost family was located, and they were able to return to…

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