Essay about Employee Resume : An Effective Listener

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1. Be an effective listener.
Event: An employee quit her position immediately upon the completion of her training. The employee scheduled a time to meet with the nurse manager to discuss the reason as to why she had to quit. The meeting between the employee and manager occurred on July 10, 2015.
Resolution: The nurse manager listened to the employee and made her aware of the other steps that she would need to take in order to finalize her termination with the organization.
Application to the skill: The application to the skill involved the nurse manager listening to the employee and showing empathy to her situation. She also provided her with the necessary feedback needed in order to complete the termination process.
What you learned: I learned that in management it is important to have effective listening skills. It is also important to engage the employee to communicate his/her thoughts or feelings. Then once their concerns has been made it is important for a manager to offer advice and show support to employees even when their behavior has a negative impact on the department.
2. Every manager must be an effective leader.
Event: The Regional Leadership Institute presentation hosted by the presidents of Mercy Health St. Mary’s and Mercy Health Muskegon. This presentation covered a variety of topics and events that are planned for the future of the organization. The meeting occurred on July 1, 2015.
Resolution: The presentation reviewed the organization’s strategic…

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