Employment Rights & Responsibilities Essay

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Employment Rights & Responsibilities

As a new employee, the first course of action before commencing in your new job is to sign an employment contract specifying the laws relating to the conditions of work you must abide by. These laws cover aspects specific to your placement, such as the wage you receive, the hours you work, training and your holiday entitlements. You will also receive information to read and sign declaring your acceptance of the rules concerning legal matters, including such topics as health and safety, discrimination in the workplace, redundancy, dismissal, disciplinary procedures, union rights and consultation.
These are just some of the many laws that may be covered in your contract. It is also important to
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Official records need to be kept safely and securely in line with the data protection act which ensures privacy and security relating to own personal information and the personal information of others.

As a nursery nurse, my roles within the wider context of the sector include monitoring the wellbeing of the children in my care, whilst considering the health and safety of the children, and providing the opportunities for them to increase their self-confidence. In this I make sure that there are appropriate activities each day adaptable for their specific age range, both indoor and outdoor, covering all aspects of education, eg. English, mathematics, and knowledge of the world, etc. Within this, there are also many opportunities for free play and adventurous learning, followed by occasional chances to meet and liaise with the parents, giving them an insight into the nurseries practices, whilst being able to give them informed advice on how to continue learning and growing in their home environment.

This allows me to provide excellent care and education for the children I look after through the EYFS guidelines, ensuring we meet the requirements set by Ofsted, and giving the setting an outstanding review, making it a popular choice for parents to send their children to.


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