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In the play Everyman, death is personified and treated as an agent of God that goes to visit the plays protagonist, Everyman. The unknown author of the play uses Death as a character to present a very real truth that all people will meet death. Death is an antagonist in the play and represents physical death. The word "death" grabs people's attention because it is a strong word. It is a loaded, often offensive, intense word and it reflects a reality every human will one day have to realize. The author understands death's implications and uses it to draw the reader in. In the play Everyman, the character Death is presented by the author as an allegorical representation of physical death and the reader finds that
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Even though God is in control, people often fear death. In The Risen Jesus & Future Hope, Habermas points out that "[t]he ultimate fear is probably the dread of death"(173). The unknown author of the play understands Habermas' point and from the beginning lets the reader know that God is still in control and in control of death. Except for three instances (Enoch, Elijah, Jesus), God has used death to usher people into eternity. In the hands of an almighty Judge and in an imperfect world, death is a tool of God to usher His creation into His presence due to mankind's rebellion against Him.

Everyman is troubled when he meets death and is convicted by Death's presence. Everyman is startled by Death and realizes that he needs more time because he is not ready to give an account of his life before God. In the play, Everyman says, "This blind matter troubleth my wit" and that Death has come when "I least expected you"(Everyman). Death is portrayed as unexpected and abrupt. Everyman was surprised when Death showed up and in Everyman: A Structural Analysis, "Death's visit troubles him (Everyman)" (Van Laan). John Garvey writes that the situation Everyman finds himself in is relevant to mankind because it is "obvious and scary; we want to avoid it"(Death becomes him). Everyman even weeps but Death will not let him go. The Gale Online Encyclopedia notes that while Death is telling Everyman about his

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