English 1301 Responsive Essay

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Kayla Deleon
English 1301
Mrs. Line
1 December 2014
A Critique of "Saudis In Bikinis"
In The New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof discusses his outlook on the women of Saudi Arabia and their decisions on fashion in his column "Saudis In Bikinis." In the article, Kristof states that he believes Saudi women are repressed in their society and culture and proclaims "if the women prefer to remain second­class citizens, then I suppose that's their choice. But if anyone chooses to behave so foolishly, is it any surprise that outsiders point and jeer?" Despite Kristof's perspicacious yet benighted reasoning, one would say that Kristof, himself, may be unobservant regarding irrefutable aspects to his own culture.
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He proves this in his own article in his first sentence, referring to the young women in black abayas as "three giggly black ghosts."
Kristof's reasoning for his use of the words "Saudi women" and "repressed" is ludicrous due to the fact that he follows this argument up by bringing up the women in the West. "In Riyadh, several women offered the same scathing critique, effectively arguing that Saudi women are the free ones ­­ free from sexual harassment, free from pornography, free from seeing their bodies used to market cars and colas. It is Western women, they say, who have been manipulated into becoming the toys of men." Kristof states in his article. He follows this up by questioning if the women of the West are really as oppressed the Saudi women make them out to be. In actuality, it may seem that in
Saudi Arabia, the women do not have much freedom to do a multitude of things the women in the West can, but if one were to think about it and look closely at the facts, one would understand the choices and actions Saudi women make. Saudi women are limited to doing a number of activities in their society. To someone from the West, they would look at Saudi Arabia and think if it as a weird and bizarre place. It would be hard for one

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to be accustomed to their lifestyle and adapt to their ways. One would not understand why a Saudi woman would choose to buy a lovely new blouse and then hide it under their black abayas. The

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