English: Burial and Mitford the Embalming Essay

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Taya Waller
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October 11, 2012

The Analysis by Jessica, Mitford “The Embalming of Mr. Jones”. The Embalming of Mr. Jones is excerpted from The American Way of Death, a scathing critique of the funeral industry in the United States. The book prompted angry responses from morticians but it also led to increased governmental regulation, culminating in a 1984 Federal Trade Commission ruling requiring funeral homes to disclose in writing the prices for all the goods and services. “She even mentions that not only does the family spend thousands of dollars on caskets and funeral services, most family want to have a love one cremated than choosing to bury them.” Jessica Mitford tone sounds ethical. She takes a disgusting
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Eckels, president of Eckels College of Mortuary Science, and thus describes the first part of the embalming procedure. He talks from his stand point by saying “ In the hands of a skilled practitioner, this work may be done in a comparatively short time and without mutilating the body other than by slight incision- so slight that it would cause no serious damage if made on a living person. He then starts to identify that it is necessary to remove all the blood and not only does it help the disinfecting, but it removes the principal cause of disinfigurementation due to discoloration.” She even mentions how many gallons of dye and perfume solution of formal dehyde, glycerin, borax, phenol, alcohol, and water are used in the embalming process of Mr. Jones. She even considers how the mortician sews up Mr. Jones mouth “with a needle directed upward between the upper lip and gum and brought out through the left nostril,” with the corners raised slightly “ for a more pleasurable look.” She also mentions that the opposite condition is most likely to present its self as a emancipation. One more extreme method of the embalming process of Mr. Jones was trying to maintain lip closure is to dislocate the lower jaw, which is held in place by a wire ran through holes which have been drilled through the upper jaw at the midline. (307-308) Mr. Jones is ready to be put in the casket. The mortician begins by placing his right shoulder slightly “ to turn the body a bit to the

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