English-Happiness Essay

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Happiness 1
Megan Stinson
Kim Madsen
English 101
Essay 2 Being Happy at Work When is a person truly happy to be in a work place? Is it because of prestige or is it something they enjoy doing and they with themselves every day. I am the type of person who wants to wake up every morning and be happy with what I am doing in my life. It’s not about the money or the prestige its being happy with you. Is happiness a choice though or is it simply something in your mind that motivates you to be a good employee. Does having a good employer make your job better? Does having positive co worker make it a lot less stressful? Does having a positive attitude about that job make
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So I went back got my G.E.D and started college has soon as I could. At this time I also started working at the hospital. I can’t say I wake up every morning and am excited about going to work .I have great benefits and have had many positive things come from working there but I am not truly happy. One thing I have noticed is the prestige person having working there and sometime I do too but that prestige has not made me happy. This job was my first real job though and It as taught me a lot. This job has motivated me to strive for that happiness and profile my dreams. One thing I will miss about this job though is I have had great employers. It s taught me how to deal in a professional manner on how to deal with my bosses. This will help me out in the long run when I change careers. Another thing is trying to stay positive even though this job is not me. I have had many positive experiences at my current job and this will benefit me because even when I have my bad days at my next job I can try to find a more positive way to approach it during difficult times. Another contribute to my job is learning how to deal with my co workers and the general public. I work in the emergency room and it’s a very high pace stress related job that often wants to make you pull out your hair. The field I have chosen to go into will also have those stressful times and it will help me learn how to adjust to whatever

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