English Language And English And Early Modern English Essay

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English purism is the reduction of the use of foreign words in the English language and use of only English native words from Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Norse routes. One of the largest influences is Latin, and specifically French. Thus to understand The English language and to get a better understanding of English purism, it is necessary to analyze and identify major French influences on English. The major historical event that can be best concluded as to why French influence English so much, aside from proximity, is the Norman Conquest of 1066. In his article, “The Norman Conquest of the English Language” H.R. Lyon discusses the effect of the Norman Conquest on the culture and language of the English speaking people in the late medieval era and in Isabel Roth’s article, “Explore the Influence of French on English” she discusses the factors that influenced the effect that French had on Middle English and Early Modern English. Lyon begins by explaining the various types of English spoken through history: Victorian English, Middle English from Chaucer’s time, and Old English spoken by the Anglo-Saxons. Each, when read by modern English speakers, grows increasingly difficult to understand the further back one goes. Lyon asserts that it was the Norman Conquest’s influence on English, and not only time, that causes such difference between Modern English and Old English. Specifically he remembers something, in his own words that Sir Walter Scott stated, “The social pressures…

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