English Language in Discourse Oriented Pedagogy Essay

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“A study on implementation of Discourse oriented Pedagogy (D.O.P) in teaching English language for class VI in Y.S.R District”.
Language is the mental faculty or power of vocal communication expressing ideas and concepts as well as moods, feelings and attitudes. English language is spreading profusely in to all walks of life. It will be considered as a 'basic skill’, to be learned by everyone alongside other the 21st century skills. Some of the states of India are witnessing popular increase in public demand for teaching of English language from the primary classes. As NCF- 2005 emphasizes the goals for a second-language curriculum are Twofold: attainment of a basic proficiency and
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Out of 24, 12 are MPUP Schools and 12 are ZP High Schools. All the teachers who are teaching English for class VI are taken as sample. Their number constituted 30. All the students who are studying class VI in these schools are taken as student sample. Their number constituted 386.

FINDINGS: * 20% teachers are in good positive attitude towards the new pedagogy (D.O.P) and are ready for paradigm shift. 30% teachers are in average positive attitude towards this pedagogy. But yet 50% teachers are in a poor attitude towards new methods. * 30% teachers have a good awareness on trainings conducted on the new pedagogy, 20% teachers have an average awareness on trainings. But 50% teachers have poor awareness on trainings given on the new pedagogy. * 03.33% of teachers only have a good awareness on how the method operates in the classroom. 46.67% teachers have an average awareness on the new pedagogy. 50% teachers are in poor awareness of the new methodology. * 33.33% teachers are in good awareness of D.O.P content knowledge. 56.67% teachers have average awareness 10% teachers have a poor awareness on it. * It was found that only 3% teachers are able to plan in D.O.P in its proposed form. 40% teachers are exposed to the planning. 57% teachers in the district are unaware of it. * 27.74% teachers are in good position to execute

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