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Answer2: I think the story is about a person who bears amiable nature. The story is based on the theme of human ethics.
Answer4.1: (a) the boys were untidy and poorly dressed
Answer4.2: (b) willingness to work
Answer4.3: (a) did not want a stranger to become involved with their plans
Answer4.4: (a) he did not want to intrude into their privacy
Answer4.5: (c) the Germans had ruined their family
Answer4.6: (a) he thought the boys would prefer to keep their secret
Answer5.1: This statements shows that the two boys were not ashamed of doing menial jobs such as shoe polish or fruit-vending. When the narrator saw them working as shoe shine boys he was
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They were childish and innocent yet they were wise, responsible and mature.
Answer6.1: Luigi, the driver didn't approve of the shabby appearance of Nicola and Jacopo. They were wearing old and worn out clothes.
Answer6.2: They were very impressed by the boys because they were highly committed and devoted towards work at such a young age. They were ready to do all sorts of odd jobs to earn money. They exhibited dedication, determination and sincerity while working.
Answer6.3: The narrator was surprised to see Nicola and Jacopo shining shoes because he thought that selling fruits was their only occupancy.
Answer6.4: The boys were useful to the author in many ways. They showed them city as guide, helped them in getting a pack of American cigarettes, bought tickets for the opera for them, told them about good restaurants and ran all their errands.
Answer6.5: The two boys were selling newspapers in the windy, deserted square at night. They were waiting for the last bus from Padua. They would sell their newspapers when it came in. It shows their sense of hard work and patience. They could work till midnight.
Answer6.6: When the narrator saw them selling newspapers till midnight, he asked them if they must do work so hard as they both looked tired. At this, Nicola replied that they were not complaining about it. It means that both the boys had a lot of courage and patience of working hard.
It shows their willingness and readiness to work.

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