English Poetry Essay examples

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Linage 1. The image I get of the speakers grandmothers were that they were strong women and were very hard working. 2. In line 10 I think the speaker means that her grandmothers don’t cuss or talk down on others. 3. The end makes me think that the speaker of the poem lacks confidence. It made the poem become somewhat sad.
Reflection: the poem was interesting, I couldn’t relate to it. It was short and I liked that. The speaker seems like she has issues with self-esteem.
The Courage That My Mother Had 1. The image I get from I got was that her mother was a very strong and courageous person and the speaker wants to be the same way 2. Do Not Have To Do. 3. The mixed blessing that the daughter received from her mother
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2. I think the narrator is reminded of the starling because it was in the same room as the daughter was. 3. I think the stanzas do help to organize the poem. It helps you understand better. 4. Don’t have to do. 5. I think “the writer” and “the artist” are similar in the sense that they are both doing something that they have done before and trying to do their best at it. 6. I think all three creative processes resemble my own; I have a little bit of each in my writing.
Reflection: This poem was way to long. The daughter seems distant from her parents and the poem makes me think the daughter has some issues because the speaker says “her life I great cargo, and some of it heavy”

The Sharks 1. The picture the speaker as a young woman. She probably doesn’t really get out of her comfort zone that’s why it’s the first time she dared to swim out of her depth. She didn’t seem very happy to see the sharks, she didn’t think that they came so close (6 ft. deep water) 2. When the speaker sees the sharks she gets scared and questions if it’s the same sea and if they can still play in it. 3. I don’t know if the sharks are evil but the speaker does say in the beginning that the fins came in innocent and later says they are sinister.
Reflection: I like the poem but I think sharks aren’t bad. Maybe the girl is just exaggerating. I don’t think this poem is true because I don’t think sharks don’t really

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