English Should Be Law? Essay examples

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English Should be the Law? Whether or not English should be the law in the United States is an argument that is widely being considered. Some believe the United States should make English the official language, some do not. Various Americans believe it would unify the country by giving us a common thread, it would help immigrants in school and in the job market and it would be less expensive than having a multilingual nation. Many opposers of the law do not agree with it because they think they will lose their language and their culture, which is not the case. Many authors give substantial information in the text that it would help the country become more unified, it would greatly help immigrants coming to our country by giving them …show more content…
It is nearly impossible as a country to integrate so many cultures if the children feel segregated. They are the future and it has to start with them. Because they are the future, they will be the people looking for jobs very soon. When trying to get a job that is highly competitive it would be more favorable if the candidate could speak English. If two candidates are equal in credentials an employer is more likely to pick an English speaker instead of having to provide a translator for a non-English speaker. Which means, learning English in school will help a person later in life. Lewis emphasizes this by saying, “…you’re going to be damn glad you listened to all those teachers who, while respecting who you were and your ethnicity and you cultural heritage, nonetheless insisted that you learn your way around the English language…” (Lewis 198). Teachers should respect the student and their background, however they should make sure the student knows English. The student may not think so, but a teacher is going to make sure they know things that will help them gain the most in life. English will help gain a lot of ground. Many people wonder why the United States cannot be a bilingual or multilingual country. If the government accepted another language, as well as English, as a national language, how could they choose just one? It would be tough for the government to pick just one language or even to just pick a few. Some people

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