English Should Be Made as the Medium of Instruction of Scool in Mlaysia

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Good morning to Pn.Kalairani and my fellow classmates. I would like to say thank you to teacher who give me the chance to speak here. Due to our Minister of education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin decided to make Bahasa Melayu as the medium of instruction in science and mathematic in secondary school before, a heated debate in the newspapers with regard to this apparent turn around in the policy had immediately sparked off. Thus,
I would like to support the side where English should be made as the medium of instruction in school. There are some reasons to support my view. First of all, mastering English help us to face the problem of globalization. Nowadays, we need to compete with the people around the world due to the widespread of
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All the taxi driver, waiter and waitress at restaurants, staff at airport and stadium are forced by the China government to improve their English because that is the chance for China to expose themselves. As the relevant officers have mastered the language, they can communicate better to the others and then will build up the image of their country. Third, most of the reference book and material are written in English. It is easy for us to understand the meaning in the reference book as the medium of instruction in school is English. For example, science and mathematics are taught in English in standard One, Form One and Lower Six in all fully aided government schools. The rationale for this decision was that most Science based courses in the universities were highly dependant on reference materials that are published in the English language. Hence, it was felt that it was better for students to be equipped to study these subjects if a change in the medium of instruction was effected. Besides that, it is an advance for us who study the science and mathematic in English because Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Genetics or Engineering subjects are all taught in English at university. Tun Mahathir also support the side where English should be the medium of

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