English Writing : My Weakest Area Essay

1696 Words Sep 24th, 2015 7 Pages
English writing is one of my weakest area. I was born and raised in the United States but English was not my first language which leads me to have a hard time writing an essay. I did not get the resources that was need for my writing until I was in college. One of the area that I struggle with it is understanding the writing prompt. If I do not understand the writing prompt then I will have a hard time writing my paper. However, now, I am working on my writing skills to be better than before. In the Fall semester 2014, it was my first time writing a research paper that is based on my own observations and research. After analyzing my paper, I came to a conclusion that I need more practice on the citation in APA format, therefore I need to be clear on my statement so that my readers will understand the points that I am trying to get it across and having enough sources to back up my findings. The class that I wrote my research paper was for a Child Development class. The purpose behind this research paper was to make sure that we as the students know how to format our paper in APA format including our reference page. Furthermore, we have to come up with our own research questions and used our observation to find the results to our questions. My professor wants our paper to go straight to the point. The part that I struggle with was when I was citing the sources. Throughout my paper, my citation was incorrect and I got mark for it. In my paper, I did not stated the authors’…

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