Essay on Environmental Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry

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Written assignment unit 5
Each student is to prepare a three page (double-spaced) paper on the subject of the environmental challenges facing the American auto industry. This assignment ties in with the discussion that will be held this week. Some environmental issues you may wish to research are:
• Global competition in the industry
• New technology for powering the product that this industry produces
• The effect of emissions on the environment and government reactions to this
• Consumer opinions about the product your industry produces
Global competition in the industry
There are many automobile companies in the world. The competition in this industry is ferocious. The approaches of automobile firms in the industrial rivalry take include price, design, safety measures, fuel efficiency, durability, etc. As explained in the Game theory, each strategy taken by a company is strictly observed by its competitor and tried to be outperformed to win market share.
Many European automobile firms have hundreds of years of history of manufacturing cars. Their experience makes them far more advanced and adept in the industry, particularly in terms of safety design. Many Asian firms, especially Japanese have had a long history of marketing their cars in America, for instance, Toyota. Japanese cars are famous for their fuel saving feature, making them stand out for customers who prioritize fuel economy in their vehicle buying criteria. The rivalry among Asian car makers is very tense…

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