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Environmental Factors Ashley Thompson
July 9th, 2012
Instructor: Anissa Upshaw
Utilizing Online Social Networking Sites Paper The subjects in this paper will revolve around Apple Inc the corporation. Apple Inc has been in business for several years, and has expanded their business from domestic to global in just a few months. The company sells to countries all around the world and their products are well known in many countries. The first subject will cover information on environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions. The second subject will analyze the influence of global economic interdependence also the effect of trade practices and agreements. The third subject will cover the
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The final factor is social this affect decision making in terms of being knowledgeable for all customers knowing their values and expectations is what is expected from customers; this could affect the decision making process for both globally and domestically.
Global Economics and Trade Practices The influence of global economic interdependence is a good idea for any company. Global interdependence is when all countries rely on each other to some degree, which to me is needed especially in large corporations like Apple Inc. Global economic interdependence is essential to the Apple Inc store in terms of finding new exciting ways to improve and reach out to others for idea support. The effect of trade practices and agreements are simply explained; the first effect is having to make agreements and trades only with certain companies. The second effect is only having so many companies to trade and sell with, this limits cliental. The final effect has to make agreements with other companies, but the companies have to be in the same line of work or at least selling the same kinds of products to get into a trade with the company.
Demographics, Physical Infrastructure, and Influence of Cultural Differences The importance of demographics is simply explained; the more people who know about the Apple store the more profits come into the company. Demographics are the people in which the company is targeting, the

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