Environmental Psychology Essay

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Weâ ve all heard of environmental preservation, but understanding the field of enviro nmental psychology relates to so much more than just keeping the grass green. En vironmental psychology studies how humans relate to one another as well as their surroundings, so it can refer to man-made environments as well as natural ones. Environmental psychologists try to determine what makes humans comfortable and h ow we can adjust our surroundings to reduce stress and enhance quality of life f or as many people as possible. Their work has a natural tie-in with conventional environmentalism because they believe that unspoiled nature can provide one of the best backdrops for human li fe. Whether we are aware of it or not, we react to our environment. …show more content…
Ultimately, the main goal of environmental psychology became to change the way s ociety approaches its buildings and landscapes. They proved to the world that wh en human beings are surrounded by parks and trees and flowers, their minds funct ion more efficiently and their moods become more positive. Children learn better in beautiful, natural surroundings. The science of environmental psychology is not too distantly related to the anci ent Chinese belief in feng shui. This system sets forth a series of laws by whic h adherents may guide the flow of vital energy. They do this by placing objects, including walls and doors, in auspicious locations. It is thought that when a personâ s environment is properly arranged, his or her life -energy also arranges itself properly and this can bring health, clarity of mind , and inward peace to the individual. There is a touch of feng shui in the small Japanese zen gardens that some people use as recreational tools. Originally they were life-sized gardens built on harmonious proportions in order to relax those who wandered through them. Environmental psychology has not only validated but also added, in its own modern way, to these ancient traditions. € Tags:environmental psychology http://www.examiner.com/psychology-in-fresno/environmental-psychology?render=pri nt Page 2 of 2 Stress levels in people of all ages drop significantly and

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