Environmental Psychology Essay

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Environmental Psychology

Olubunmi Ruby Akinsanya

Environmental Psychology/460

Richard Hill

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Why do individuals act differently in different social settings? Environmental Psychology is the field of psychology which studies the way human behavior is affected by their environment. Environment refers to an individual’s social setting, which can change consistently. (Fisher, 2007). Social settings and educational settings, professional settings and home settings can all be very different environments and different behaviors can be exhibited in each environment. An individual is most likely to interact differently in a social setting of close friends than they would in a professional setting of
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Interdisciplinary oriented is combining theories of environmental psychology mixed with other branches of studies in psychology to gain a better understanding and multiple perspectives on an area of study. It is important to note that environmental psychologists also work in the field of architecture, urban planning, interior design and landscaping so different views and perspectives are very important. The last orientation is space-over-time. Space over time is a study of past issues and results and how they can be related to present day and time. (Young, 2010). Settings change over time and so do human beings understanding how the environment you came from can affect the environment you are in now can be very important.
Willy Hellpach is known to be the first individual to coin the term Environmental Psychology. Willy is known for his studies on how extreme environments, the sun and moon and color can all have very different affects on human behavior. World War 11 was a major turning point for environmental psychology. Social issues, war, prejudice and peace all brought on a great demand for a clear understanding on how people’s environments could affect their behavior. During the world War 11 eras the validity of research done on environmental psychology was questionable because most studies where being conducted in laboratories. Today environmental psychologists study

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