Equal Responsibility in parenting Essay

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Andrew Nguyen
Professor Marilyn Brock
English 102
7 October, 2013
Equal Responsibility In raising a child, both parents should share equal responsibility. From the start of humanity, it has always been thought that women should take care of the children while the men were the breadwinners. However, things have changed now and both parents have began to take equal responsibilities of their children. Parenting is a two person concept and does not mean one parent can take on more of the responsibility of a child’s development. The roles of the mother and the father play a different part in parenting. Daughters look up to their father as an ideal husband and sons look up to their father as a role model. Both daughters and sons look up
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Children’s happiness and development also depend on the quality of their relationship with a parent. Severe conflict between parents is associated with problems in children such as behavior and development (Moon). Children learn from how they see their parents interact. Equal responsibility means an interactive relationship between the mother and the father.
With more responsibility and care of one parent, the child may be emotionally distant from the other parent. The child may feel they only have one parent that spends time with him/her. Single parents who have multiple children may not have a lot of individual time for each one may cause the child to feel abandoned (Moon). If the child feels this way, it may lead to creating problems to attract attention. The child may create problems such as making a mess, screaming, crying, etc. These problems used to achieve attention would create bad habits for the child. Bad habits cannot be broken as described by Sumner in her short essay, “Marriage.” Sumner’s husband has a habit of not cleaning up after himself after he drinks a glass of milk at night even though she always reminds him to. The marriage counselor tells Sumner it is a habit her husband cannot break (Convergences 463). Sumner’s husband most likely created that bad habit when he was being raised. Just like Sumner’s husband, those children who need to attract attention would have unbreakable habits as well. Bad habits are not what

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