Equality Is A Equal Right Opportunity Essay

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Equality is to make sure everyone has equal rights and opportunities. By law every organisation has an equal right opportunity.

Gender is one of the ways we need to consider in order to be fair and equal. This is achieved when a women and a man have the same rights and opportunities across the whole society, including economic participation such as a man and a women are both equally involved in a group called ‘be green’ in that group both the female and the male have equal chances to speak about the ideas and not being discriminated due to her gender saying she is a women and therefore she doesn 't understand anything so keep her to the side, or it could be vice versa because this is discrimination and everyone in the UK have equal rights which states to respect that persons nationality and accept them as they are part of society. In order to really know whether their has been equal opportunities the government measures women and men in a range of roles and compares them to other countries which effects the outcome for each country. Believing that one gender which is often males is naturally higher in status than the other is called sexism, sexism is used to justify the inferior treatment and stop opportunities of women. Sexism holds the belief that if a person is a women/man then they would not be right for the job without even looking at their qualifications or discussing their work and interests in why they picked it showing that the employer would have already read the…

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