Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Psycho Social Development Essay example

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Erik Erikson provided eight crises stages in his theory of psycho-social development. Birth to age twelve, or early and middle childhood, includes the trust, autonomy, initiative, and industry stages. Age thirteen to age nineteen, or adolescence, includes Erikson’s stage of identity. Age twenty to middle to late twenties, or young adulthood, include Erikson’s stage of intimacy. Although Erikson continues with his stages for an individual’s life, they will not be addressed in the current profile, as I have only reached the twenty-third year of my life, thus do not have any information to reflect on for those stages. Regarding the early childhood and middle childhood stages, as well as the adolescence, or identity stage, I interviewed my mother, father, and younger sister in order to gain better insight to how I was developing. INFANCY. One can only assume that I cannot recall information from infancy and toddlerhood, and remember very few things about my early childhood. According to Erikson, from the moment I was born, until I was around 18 months old, I was in his first stage, trust. In order to be successful in this stage, I must develop a basic trust with my mother and my surrounding world. My mother claims that I smiled a lot, seldomly cried, and was an overall good baby. My father claims that I was a little “cuddle buddy”, and always enjoyed cuddling with him and my mother. Both parents agree that, for many reasons, I gained trust with my mother first. My…

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