Erin Gruwell 's Freedom Writers Essay examples

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Surrounded by guns, drug deals, and unstable households leaves lost and undetermined kids. In this compelling movie, Freedom Writers the main Character Erin Gruwell(Hilary Swank) sees potential in grieving students when everyone else has lost hope in them. Long Beach, California is central for violence, drugs, and alcohol. For these students all they have known is love through gangs and rough households. Underneath the tough constructed attitude lies innocent kids who have lost faith in themselves.

Erin Gruwell enters Long Beach school district, which is close to Los Angeles and gets a taste of her students lifestyle. She is a white teacher entering a black, Latino, and Asian community. Although she is not intimidated by them, they seem to want her out. Most of them have only seen violence and hatred, and that is engraved into there hearts. Erin’s father is scared for his daughters safety but continues to be supportive. Unlike her father, her husband Scott(Patrick Dempsey), doesn`t fully support her efforts in trying to establish a relationship with her students. Her students have a negative attitude because the administration at there
Konitzer 2 school lost all faith in them. They are unable to access resources or workbooks until Erin changes not only the outlook on the students, but begins to understand what the students go through on a regular basis. Gruwell, joins together all of the students and eliminates racism. It takes a strong willed, determined and…

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