Essay about Ethical Issues Within The Field Of Psychology

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As human beings, we are taught right and wrong from the time we are born. Parents teach their children not to touch a hot stove, not to call other children names, not to do “this,” not to do “that,” etc. Adults also experience being told what to do and what not to do in their jobs and careers. Specifically, psychologists are expected to be moral and ethical during their practices. However, some controversies regarding ethical issues appear in the field of psychology. The definition of ethics is often summarized by “morality” (Banyard). Historical evidence and specific patients provide examples of ethical issues, describe problems in the field of psychology, and constitute preventions in order to fix them. Early professionals and psychologists were the first to recognize ethical issues in their fields. Thomas Percival is one example. Percival played a key role in this recognitionhe coined the terms “medical ethics” and “professional ethics” (Tribe). He worked with the Manchester Infirmary in 1792 by working with patients of an epidemic of typhus as a practitioner. Through his experience, Percival is an example of being moral because he worked to treat patients that were turned away by hospitals (Tribe). His studies focused on emphasizing the importance of a profession as a whole to be responsible rather than individuals (Tribe). By doing so, ethical standards and principles have been developed in more detail for many professions through revision and addition. Many…

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