Essay on Ethical Responsibility At Mega Food Inc.

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1. Identify and specifically describe 3 to 5 major ethical issues you would encounter in the process of formulating your recommendation. In your response, please justify or support why you feel that each of the issues have ethical implications.

Before presenting my recommendation to Mega Food, Inc., I must first consider the company’s ethical responsibility to the employees, the ethical responsibility to the farmers, the ethical responsibility to the community, and the ethical responsibility to the people of Frostburg. ‘The choices leaders make and how they respond in a given circumstances are informed and directed by their ethics” (Northouse). My ethical responsibility to the employees would be to make decisions that first beneficial and not harmful to their welfare. Many of the employees have been employed for over 10 years, and others are nearing retirement. So, to move the organization overseas without considering the livelihood of the employees and the dedication they have given the company, would be self-centered. “Effective leaders see their own personal vision as an important part of something larger than themselves” (Northouse). Second, my ethical responsibility to the farmers is as equally important as it is to the employees. The success of the organization is linked to the success of the farmers that produce the raw product and materials used to manufacture or products. The farmers only operate within a 50 miles radius of our facility. So, the stability…

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