Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World

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It is the responsibility of companies today to promote responsible business practices at every level of the company. Business should be conducted ethically and honestly. Companies should also foster environments that promote ethical conduct and comply with all requirements of the law that they fall under. This paper will examine the ethical practices of PharmaCARE. Stakeholders will be identified, and several scenarios will be evaluated and critiqued.

PharmaCARE’s stakeholders are individuals and businesses that have an interest in the company’s day to day operations. Some of the stakeholders for PharmaCARE include employees, customers, investors, creditors, government agencies, and communities.
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In defense of sweatshops one might say that the workers from impoverished countries benefit from the low wages. Ian Maitland argues that “the appropriate test for fair wages is not whether the wage reaches some predetermined standard whether it is freely accepted y reasonably informed workers.”(Meyers, 2004). Other arguments in support of sweatshops include:
1. The workers are benefited (they are better off with the job than without), and they are paid wages promised to them (i.e., they are not cheated) (Meyers, 2004).
2. The workers freely choose to work in sweatshops (they are not coerced or deceived) (Meyers, 2004).
3. The workers prefer the job to all other alternative options (the offering of a sweatshop job offers an option that is at least as good as any other previously existing option and does not take away any other options) (Meyers, 2004).
Determine whether Allen could legally fire each of the three (3) workers—Donna, Tom, and Ayesha. Suggest steps he should take to minimize the risks to his department and the company.
New Jersey is an "at will" employment state. As such, at-will employees can be terminated for any reason, except reasons that are deemed to be illegal, such as on the basis of race, nationality or sexual orientation, or because the employee refuses to break a law ("New Jersey Labor," n.d.). Donna, Tom and Ayesha are protected under

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