Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Essay examples

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Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World
Today’s world is corporate world since we either work their consumers their product or live around one. These corporates should maintain good ethics on the people working for it the surrounding community and their consumers. They should uphold their corporate responsibility by give back to the community and making sure they conserve the environment in all their processes (Frederick, 1999). pharmCare has many stakeholders around it these are; first all the employees working for the company from the lowest level to the top management, all those people should have a say in the company an should be treated with the same
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By exposing this, employees’ health or even their lives could be saved early enough and will be obligated to compensating the ailing workers, providing better working condition, provide better medical cover and reduce the number of working hours so that the same scenario doesn’t happen again.
Allen should also report the defective drugs the company is producing which are causing heart conditions for the consumers, by exposing this, the production of this drug can be stopped before affecting more consumers and the company can be sued for damages caused to the consumers.
Allen and any other whistleblower is protected by constitution under whistleblower protection Act of 1989 so in case he decide to expose the company he will not be liable to any damages that the company may face due to this exposure, this means that PharmCare cannot sue him or even fire, if they decide to terminate his contract or if he feels that he cannot work there any more he is to receive all his payment and benefits as required by law and in case of life threatening the government can keep him in witness protection or even change his identity (Runte, 2005).
PharmCare is pledging its commitment to better environment through changes in its production and packaging processes but in actual sense it determined to frustrate any environmental laws and regulations through PAC such as the extension superfund was created under the comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation

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