Essay on Ethics And Responsibility Assignment Questions

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Ethics and Responsibility Assignment 3
1. What are the general problems associated with assigning authorship to a manuscript or scientific report? You can comment on the Farthing article in your article and use examples where appropriate. (600w)
In science and indeed academia, authorship over research and publication of results is an important issue. The idea of authorship matters because it effects a researcher’s academic reputation and his or her legacy within the research field. Authorship is also an important factor in research grant success, securing research appointments and ensuring on-going employment. Therefore, an academic’s role is writing research publications needs to be reflected in the authorship order, this order is often highly contested among the writers of a paper (Henry, 2013). In order to construct the order of authors on a particular research paper, research groups and institutions often have guidelines put in place to assist this process.
However, this process is far from uniform across the scientific community, with many differences arising between research disciplines and across geographical locations. (Cutas and Shaw, 2015). The lack of uniformity in determining authorship often results in conflicts between researchers, these authorship problems are caused by the competitive climate of research and the increasing use of bibliometric indices to measure the performance of researchers (Annunziata and Giordano, 2014). This creates an atmosphere of…

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