Euthanasia Is Morally Right Or Not? Essay

2008 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Is it okay for man to be able to choose if they want to die or not? If a person lives in pain and torment every day of their life whether the person is facing death, or they are in constant pain every day, is it okay for people to deny them death on their own free will? I believe that you have to question what you know that is right and what is wrong to be able to truly know if euthanasia is morally right or not. If you examine all the points in Euthanasia and look at the reasons for why people do request and want assisted suicide then the answer becomes clear that Euthanasia is an acceptable and morally right thing for a person whose, in need to do so. We have to look into the cause and reasons to find out why people believe Euthanasia is moraly wrong and see if it is morally right.
In the article, “The body as unwarranted life support: a new perspective on Euthanasia” it talks of two different cases. In one case a man named Adam has lung cancer and he is living on a ventilator to keep his lungs from ceasing to work. Another individual named, Brian has stomach cancer, he needs help eating, drinking, and using the bathroom. In Adams case it is morally acceptable for him to want to unplug the ventilator and request to stop the treatment they are giving him which would then end his life. In Brian’s case his own body is what is keeping him alive he still needs to be taken care of just like Adam, he can’t do daily task by himself and his quality of life is very poor. He wants to…

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