Evaluate a Given Situation to Determine a Company’s Attitude Toward Social Responsibility.

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Company Q is a small company that is slow to react to current culture. As a small company, they don’t have the large financial resources to add product lines that carry a large amount of risk the way that large grocery chains can, and have recently had to close some stores due to financial issues. Those stores are located in high-crime areas, and reportedly had poor sales. Customers for years have requested healthier and organic options – items, which if they sell well, will benefit the company, due to their high profit margins. These are items which are very commonly found at neighborhood grocery stores, and Company Q risks losing customers by not carrying the requested goods. Company Q did add the requested items, but only a small …show more content…
This would acknowledge that the item was a special request, highlight the new product and inform other customers that the company does listen to input from its customers.

Helping Those In Need
Company Q closed 2 stores in high crime area, stating that sales were weak. High crime areas often are areas with a lower median income, with a percentage of the population relying on services such as a food bank. The company has an opportunity to improve the communities’ perception of the company buy donating the unsold goods to the food banks in these neighborhoods instead of throwing them away; this would benefit the community by providing much-needed items for the food bank and also would put Company Q in a philanthropic light, buy showing that while they did have to close stores in these areas, they are committed to helping the community in need.

Committing to Corporate Giving
When the company stated that it didn’t trust its employees to take unused food to the food bank and implied that the employees would steal the food instead, it created a negative environment for the employees. In order to turn around this negative environment and create a culture of trust, the company should assign an employee the responsibility of handing charitable contributions. This employee would coordinate the food bank donations and any other

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