Evaluation Of A Program Audit Essay

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Program Audit
The program audit, whose components are: foundation, delivery system, management system, and accountability, is utilized to evaluate the school counseling program in comparison to the standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. Analyzing the data from this audit helps counselors create goals to implement in the future (ASCA, 2012). Additionally, as part of the ASCA National Model accountability component, counselors must measure the efficacy of the school counseling program. Moreover, effective counseling programs are central to the school climate and a vital factor in improving student achievement.
The professional school counselor plays an imperative role in the development of students and is responsible for facilitating student success. Furthermore, for the program audit I interviewed, Carol Cepeda. Carol Cepeda has been working at Besteiro Middle School for five years and two years at the elementary level. In addition, she served as the At-Risk counselor at the campus for four years, but due to budget cuts, our school no longer has an At-Risk counselor, therefore she is working with 6th graders. Mrs. Cepeda mentioned that working with at risk students is her passion. Auspiciously, since I am a 6th grade Reading teacher, I had the pleasure of working with her this school year, and through my studies, I realized that she encompasses the advocacy level that a compassionate school counselor must bestow.…

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