Evaluation Of The Sti Surveillance Essay

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Epidemiologic Surveillance 6318
Short Report # 3
An Evaluation of the STI Surveillance in the Summerville County
Importance of Evaluation
According to CDC, surveillance is the ongoing systemic collection, analysis, and interpretation of health related data which is essential for planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health practice (Lee et al, 2010). Surveillance system evaluation should be done periodically to assess the effectiveness, relevance and impact of the surveillance system
(Lee et al, 2010). Evaluation of the surveillance system is of importance because it will help ensure that data collection resource is used efficiently and that public health problems is monitored effectively (Lee et al, 2010). The surveillance system should be evaluated at regular time interval because we want to make sure that the objectives and purpose of the surveillance system is established properly (Lee et al, 2010). Based on this evaluation results, one can identify the potholes in the system and try to make it better. Appropriate recommendations can be made on the basis of the evaluation result to improve the surveillance system quality and efficiency
(Lee et al, 2010). We have finished creating the STI surveillance report for the STI surveillance conducted by the Summerville Health Department, and now evaluation of the surveillance is required so that specific recommendations for the changes in the system can be made.
The first step in the evaluation is…

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