Evolution Of A Evolutionary Psychology Perspective Essay example

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As previously learned in class, the definition of evolution is the change in variant frequencies in a population over time. The four forces that evolution acts on are mutations, gene flow, genetic drift, and natural selection. From an evolutionary psychology perspective, the physical structure of the brain has changed over time, thus allowing humans to develop complex behavioral patterns. When comparing brains with primates, humans have a larger and heavier brain. When compared to a chimpanzee, the average adult human brain is approximately 1,352 g whereas the average adult chimpanzee brain is 384 g. Most of the growth is due to the growth of the neocortex; which is involved in higher functioning processes such as sensory perception, generation of motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought, and language. This can explain much of our unique behaviors in language, religious rituals, spatial reasoning, motor commands, etc.
An example of the importance of the growth in the neocortex is the development of the Broca’s area, located near the frontal lobe, which has allowed hominids to develop speech functions. Based on the documentary, Becoming Human, researchers have hypothesized that the Homo erectus were the first hominids discovered with the Broca 's area. This development allowed them to communicate with others and form more social groups, especially when sharing food after foraging. The Broca’s area was an evolutionary stepping stone due to the…

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