Essay Evolution Of Human Physiology And Psychology

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The wonders of space leave countless nations all over the globe in demand to discover further. Especially in this day and age, room for the development of new and innovative technologies can aid in the prediction of massive catastrophic collisions and uncover alternative eco-friendly ways humans rapidly consume and dispose of resources. These ideas have lead to the suggestions of permanently inhabiting new life off of planet Earth. It may seem like a far-fetched idea, however, scientists, environmentalists and astronomers hypothesize that this outlook may be closer than we think. The proposal of beginning life in space continues to reveal new and exclusive aspects of human physiology and psychology – many of which may induce fear in an abundant amount of people. Constraints such as, “the role of gravity, living in relatively small enclosed spaces, limitations on diet and other consumables, stress or strains caused by isolated living, possible failure of systems, the costly necessities to fund new developments and limited recreation or relaxation” (Krishen) all appear to be unappealing for the standards of many, but may indeed be necessary to face in the upcoming years of the future. By continuing the research, funding and expansion of technology in space exploration, relocating human existence off planet Earth can aid in the discovery of new resources and conveniences to generate a healthy future for all. The probability rate of Earth encountering a major cataclysmic…

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