Evolutionary Psychology And Its Impact On Society Essay example

1015 Words Apr 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Oranus Salimi
Psychology 385

Evolutionary psychology looks to explain that the way individuals behave and act are due to the way we, humans have evolved, but can be used to understand other concepts as well. In this paper, I summarize an article by Gad Saad, entitled, “Nothing in Popular Culture Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution,” and evaluate its claims regarding the importance of evolutionary psychology in comprehending pop culture (2012). This is an important issue because evolutionary psychology is not favoured by every individual; the reason for rejecting is not only due to a few bad papers in the field but also because it is not widely used in other fields concerning other topics. Consequently, it is vital to broaden the grey areas which evolutionary psychology has not analyzed yet, such as pop culture, to change the way critics think about evolutionary psychology. I conclude in agreement with Saad, evolutionary psychology is too often generalized; this is due to the lack of knowledge on evolution a lay person acquires, or because of a few inaccurate papers written in the field. Studying pop culture in light of evolutionary psychology will expand the field but only if the study includes nature and nurture as one, rather than two distinct factors. There are rarely any evolutionary analysis when it comes to pop culture; according to Saad it is an evolutionary analysis is important for the comprehension of pop culture;…

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