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Apple (Computer) Inc. Whither the MAC? | Case Study Analysis | Strategic Analysis in terms of Capabilities Analysis & Five Force Model |

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1. Prepare a Five Forces Analysis of the personal computer industry. (Think of your traditional Windows based PC.) How attractive is this industry?
In order to properly identify and evaluate competitive position of personal computer , competitive analaysis model has been created to fully depict the position of display systems according to current scenario

* The personal computer industry is somewhat vulnerable
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Companies trying to enter the market will initially have smaller production and will consequently have higher prices. In the personal computer industry there is currently much emphasis put on price because consumers have become more price sensitive as personal computers have become more or less a commodity. New entrants will not only have higher prices but they will likely have a less innovative product as well because they do not have equal funding for research and development as other established brands and they will also have to deal with the brand loyal customers that have trusted the existing players in the industry for years. By attempting to join the market without any market share it will also be important for a new entrant to focus its investments more heavily on advertising and marketing then existing brands. A new entrant to the personal computer market will likely not fare well and is almost guaranteed to always be a second mover as the larger companies will develop more innovative products more rapidly because of their many competitive advantages.

* Although it is very unlikely for a new entrant to join the personal computer industry there are currently other growing industries such as the Smartphone and tablet industries which are predicted to affect the sales of personal computers. The Smartphone and tablet industry have

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