Exerting Pride English Essay

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Exerting Pride – English Essay
Sitting by the bedside of humans, it holds an individual up. When the world turns its back on you, you and pride turn your back on the world, pride is truly a friend. Like any friend he'll be there for you, but one must choose how far the title of friend goes. In life many people are met, and are considered whether or not the title of friend shall be bestowed upon them. Some friends allow one to avoid harm, whereas some lead you right into the heart of the action. One rule must always be considered with friends, when friends become too close, their influence has a greater tug on one's heart. This is the fundamental rule one must apply to pride. Every human on this planet has pride, from the most vain and
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Kelada, but don’t give the reader any reason as to why. Even with these thoughts planted in one's mind, the reader has the ability to choose whether to take this as a fact or not. Besides the fact of racism, the narrator seems to have a distinct dislike towards Mr. Kelada and his pride. When not invited or when not welcome “It never occurred to him that he was not wanted. He was certain that you were as glad to see him as he was to see you”, showing the reader that Mr. Kelada’s pride is blinding him so much that “you might have kicked him downstairs and slammed the door in his face without the suspicion dawning on him that he was not a welcome visitor.” Even besides the blindness towards the subliminal hints, Mr. Kelada proves that his pride is so great that it even takes insults as a compliment. When others “called him [Max Kelada] Mr. Know-All, even to his face. He [Max Kelada] took it as a compliment.” This shows that only does his pride help keep him secure against subliminal hints but also shields him from direct insults. Besides using his pride as a shield Mr. Kelada, uses it to openly flaunt as “He knew everything better than anybody else, and it was an affront to his overweening vanity that you should disagree with him.” By flaunting his knowledge in such a vain manner, it gives the impression that he is so proud about the knowledge he posses that it must be correct. In Kelada’s mind “The possibility that he could be mistaken never occurred to him.

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