Exploring Criminality By Willie Bosket Essay

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Exploring Criminality: Willie Bosket

Criminological theories can be used to help understand potential causes of criminality like in the case of Willie Bosket, a young man that lead a troubled life and came from a troubled past. Fox Butterfield wrote a book entitled All God’s Children: The Bosket Family and The American Tradition of Violence in which he examines not only the life that lead to Willie Bosket being in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, but also the history that lead to Willie’s existence. One type of theory that can be used to identify reasons behind Willie’s behaviors are Strain Theory, a type of theory that suggests crime is rooted in discontent with one’s status- financial, social, or otherwise- a concept that, along with many others, J. Robert Lilly [et al.] explains in the book Criminological Theory (67). Another theory that can help to explain what caused Willie to behave as he did is Differential Association Theory, a theory that consists of nine key points, but in essence insists that criminal behavior is learned (Lilly 44). Butterfield’s book allowed for the analysis of a larger number of factors that could have impacted Willie Bosket’s life choices because he chose to not just examine Willie’s life but to also supplement his analysis by including history going back to 1781 The life story of Willie Bosket and his family history along with criminological theories can help to explain how he ended up being incarcerated for life at such a…

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