Eysenck 's Views On Psychology Essay

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Discuss the claim by Eysenck and his supporters that personality is fundamental to all areas of psychology.

Hans Eysenck is largely known for his broad yet distinct outlook on psychology and the branches that come under its name, one of his extremes being that of personality. This may explain the reason for his set of followers and devotees, one such as Philip J. Corr who in his article (Corr, P. J. (2007). Personality and psychology: Hans Eysenck 's unifying themes. The Psychologist, 20, 666-669), reinstates the fact of Eysenck’s prevailing influence in the world of psychology. Every new psychologist undertakes his own definition of ‘personality’; perhaps it is that it is a particular pattern of behaviour and thinking that prevails across time and situations (G. Neil Martin, Neil R. Carlson and William Buskist, Psychology, Fifth Edition, 2013, 554) or that personality psychology is partly about what makes everyone the same and partly about what make people differ from each other (Carver, C. S., & Connor-Smith, J. (2010) Personality and coping. Annual review of psychology, 61, 679-704), however so, as Eysenck himself said ‘psychology will never advance very far without a recognition of the complexities which are produced by this fact of personality’ (Corr, P. J. (2007). (1965, p.8).
According to Eysenck et al, personality is of extreme importance in decoding all areas of psychology and addressing three major themes; personality processes, unification of correlation schools…

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