Failure Is Not An Option Essays

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Failure Is Not an Option
Throughout human history, failure has proven the catalyst to virtually every one of man’s greatest inventions; the wheel, the internal combustion engine, powered flight, vaccines, space travel; none of these marvels of mankind’s ingenuity could have been created without steadfast determination and a willingness to persevere beyond the sting of failure’s first assault (Kluger, 2013). That same tenacity must be harnessed in all aspects of mankind’s endeavors, be it the development of the next great invention, the raising of a child, or an individual’s pursuit of greatness in leadership, success cannot exist without out the lessons found in the crucible of failure. It is through this process that failure charts the course to future success, enables improved performance, helps establish best practices, codifies the degree to which leaders take risks, and ultimately demonstrates the only true failure is the failure to believe in the possibility of success (DuBrin, 2012).
Failure as a Catalyst and Integral Part of Success
Among the world’s truly great leaders and inspirational speakers, perhaps no other encapsulates the ideal of perseverance through failure in the goal of achieving success. Despite his diminutive stature, frail exterior, and his fictional existence, Yoda’s words, “Do or do not! There is no try!” have inspired millions to believe that success is truly, the only option. Allowing one to use the excuse, “I’ll try” is virtually a guarantee…

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