Fairtrade & the Human Rights of Coffee Workers and Producers Essay

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Coffee is the second most globally traded commodity second only to oil therefore the market is extremely large. This leads to a huge coffee farming industry. In recent years, there has been a large push for awareness of the process a product undergoes to get to the consumer. My family and I sincerely enjoy freshly roasted coffee. My mother and father were recently in Panama and decided to purchase a coffee farm with the goal of creating a sustainable retirement home for themselves in the future. They also became aware of the issues surrounding the workers who live and work on the farms in the area and decided that one of their goals would be to provide fair housing and pay for the workers on their farm. I was inspired
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The board consists of five LIs, four producer organization representatives, two FLO-CERT traders, and three external experts. This board oversees standards, finance, and nominations. In total there are 19 LIs located in 23 countries and two Fairtrade marketing organizations in South Africa and the Czech Republic that market Fairtrade certified products in a more concentrated area. The three Producer Networks (PNs): Africa, Asia, and Latin America, along with the Caribbean, allow the producers to influence decision-making. [7] The FLO develops their prices and premiums in a very structured way to ensure each member of the FLO has a chance to voice their opinion and knowledge. The development process begins with a recommendation to begin a new project of setting a new Fairtrade Minimum Price or Premium. Then a pricing project begins by collecting research. This research consists of collecting costs of sustainable production directly from the producers affected. The consultation and findings are sent the PNs, suppliers, retailers, and LIs for feedback along with being posted on the website for public review. The feedback is reviewed and taken into account; the new project is then voted on for approval from the Standards Committee (SC).[8] The Fairtrade Minimum Price (FTMP) is set as the minimum average price required covering cost of

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