Family Has A Significant Influence On The Rate Of Personal Crime

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Many researchers believe that, family has a significant influence to the rate of personal crime. I very much agree with this point. There are many research shows that criminal parents tend to have delinquent children. In fact, as the smallest unit in the social, parents are responsible to give their children a correct outlook on life. I grew up in a quiet community in China, and my family was a typical middle class family. Just like most of a normal family, my parents love each other. My growth environment was different from now, at that time, my entire neighborhood was much more familiar with each other, they were relatives, colleagues or close friends. So my growth community was more like a big family, and they took care of each other. I was given a little incentive when I did the right thing, and also little punishment when I did something wrong. There was nothing special in my childhood, but all the little things shaped my values, which still deeply affected me today. I can still remember that they told me people need to help each other, bad habit may lead to crime, and views about right and wrong. So my growth environment had a significant influence in my childhood to keep me on the right track.

According to the social environment of Oakland. I’m not surprised about the criminal state in Oakland, after reading those articles. As a person who lives in bay area, it is very often to hear crimes that happened at certain areas in Oakland. I have seen a lot of broken…

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